Kufi Murabba

Kata-kata hikmah dr Saidina Ali R.A:



KUFI is one of the most ancient calligraphy in the Islamic History. It was believed that the first written Quran was in KUFI calligraphic writing. As the Islamic History goes on from the Khulafa Ar-Rashidin, continued by Muawiyah, then Abbasiyyah, ended by Turki Uthmaniyyah, today we are able to see various types of Khat calligraphy around the world from the very east of the world like Japan to the very west of the world like America.

KUFI MURABBA’ was like a synthesis of east & Middle East calligraphy. According to its history briefly, the silk route has gathered various types of culture from around the world many years ago. Due to this cultural blend, the KUFI calligraphy which originally came from Kufah, Iraq was mixed up with the Chinese calligraphy in square shape. That was why it is now known as KUFI MURABBA’ (Square KUFI).

Malay nation have their very own Khat where the writing and fonts or shall I say as typography, was called as the JAWI writing. Today, we are losing our very own JAWI calligraphy due to the big impact of global educational, economical, political, and cultural wave changes.

This artwork will not re-introducing the JAWI to the world, but however it may spark a point where the design streams via multimedia technology became the tools to highlight the glorious moment of Islam since 1500 years ago.


  • To Appreciate KUFI MURABBA’
  • Introducing KUFI MURABBA’ to the people around
  • To invite people saying the words from Al-Quran in design form
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